Commerce Department researcher Shoji reform talk: Do not set the market can solve pre-approval
Time:2014-07-29 21-22-37
Recently, Premier Li Keqiang held part of the newly registered company official forum. On the development of commercial registration system after the reform of enterprises, and encouraging entrepreneurship and new businesses registered to communicate. So, commercial registration system reform on the release of China's economic vitality in the end how much effect? And how to help these new businesses thrive? CCTV Financial Channel host and commentator Shen bamboo researcher at the Ministry of Commerce Ma Yu, Lin Yun-known financial commentator common comment.
Shoji system reform, how to change? Who benefits?
In early June the State Council executive meeting, cleaning and compressing existing business registration pre-approval matters, and gradually by the "first card photo" to "after the first photo card."
In March, the registered capital of the full implementation of the reform of the registration system, paid-up registered capital subscribed registration system to a registration system, corporate minimum registered capital, business premises restrictions and other regulations to be canceled. Within four months of this year from March 1 to June 30, adding new national registration of businesses and self-employed two percent year on year, an average of every working day there are 50,000 companies registered, around the country every 1 second there are two companies was born. Just a registration system reform and decentralization, just four months new registered capital to more than 7 trillion yuan.
Another set of data showed that in the first half of a large downward pressure on economic circumstances, the newly registered companies are growth spurt in the first half this year's newly registered enterprises 1,680,000, an increase of 57%. Of which 1.58 million newly registered private enterprises, employing over 1009 people, an increase of 43%. Decentralization and related reforms have played an important supporting role.
Ma Yu: Shoji system reform for economic development provides a new reserve force
("CCTV Financial Review" Commentator)
Shoji system reform should be said that economic development provides a new reserve force, we just look at a few numbers, one is the number of new businesses, and the other is the number of new jobs, both of which are in our current economic times growth rate, this is actually for the future economic development of a very ample reserve forces.
Later because now businesses registered, basically, regardless of company size, you may need to have a preparation period, say you viability of this business, you need to probably three months or six months later gradually released. In this case, the next step for our economic growth, providing a very important driving force.
Lin Yun: not only look at the new enterprises have registered a growth spurt key depends on the survival rate
("CCTV Financial Review" Commentator)
First, the data does change up is very large, can be used to describe the blowout. We look at the past year's data is probably about 8 percent, is already not easy, but the first half-year of data is 50% down, this year a very large amount.
Second, we can look at 1.68 million, the equivalent of our businesses are now 12% of households, this ratio is very large. There are 10 million jobs, this is very, very large amount. It is possible to see the reform of this system has been accepted by the market, and as a good news, a lot of people involved job, and start a business. But now we see that the total amount of data or more than one, followed by a critical survival rate, survival rate like how so many companies.
The third is that it can grow into what? Is the same as long as the grass, or part of which can grow into a tree that can prop up our economy, so the back there are two variables, one is the survival rate is survived into what one looks like.
Ma Yu: After the same card but also try to reduce the government's approval after the first photo
("CCTV Financial Review" Commentator)
Students start lowering the threshold, but into the future, you can make what, you look at the development of your back. There is also a particularly important is that Rice Noodles Beijing University graduates, it is relatively old college students with entrepreneurial skills is nothing necessarily linked. But college students want to start, or that scientists entrepreneurship, new technologies, new products, may be more prominent advantages. Again, if you have only new products, new technologies, for example, but you lack the funds or office space, so you need to be complementary to other conditions. So after the first photograph of a permit after, with photos, other evidence should be minimized. Because all the links inside the whole, we should try to reduce the government's approval.
There is also a tax issue, for entrepreneurial businesses, especially small and micro enterprises, just started doing, if the tax burden is too high, then all of a sudden it will put to death this business. In the corporate bud, you have to let it grow first, so this time, generally have very low taxes, or even zero tax, so he grew up after you go to collect taxes that drain fish. Then there is the problem of financing for start-ups, financing is a very big problem, one of his own funds in general are very small, if you want to expand, especially in some productive enterprises, for example, want to make the market, do production, that then you need more external financial support, which need to solve these problems to a greater extent on.
Lin Yun: Choose to do what business does a higher proportion of the phase-out rate
("CCTV Financial Review" Commentator)
I think the Beijing University students open this case is not very typical Rice Noodles, because they learn professional open Rice Noodles with no significant relationship, but now this happens to environmental stimuli to today's young people have the urge to start, with the entrepreneurial the idea, though so this is not typical, but in fact there are typical of this era, with the 1980s, 1990s, or the beginning of the 21st century that few entrepreneurs are very different. Second, they play very new, though he did was a traditional restaurant industry, but they play very new, very exciting, including members of his doing, doing challenging activities spicy food, as well as his hometown fell foothold cuisine , so there is a good anchor.
In recent years, in the field of venture capital, the source of funds from abroad to the local community, the venture capital fund size is quite large, including the current number of listed companies, but also to the direction of the cast, and now may have a little difficulty precise delivery but at least with such a fertile soil. Moreover, the forms of private finance now now more diverse, including small loan companies, security companies and so on. I think that today's entrepreneurs with the 80s, 90s, totally different after the year 2000, showing a really Eight Immortals of the situation, but I think still have to be careful when everyone involved in entrepreneurship, should do what, because indeed out rate is relatively high, even if there are some better policies, out is inevitable, the market economy there must be eliminated.
Ma: To create a suitable new venture enterprise development environment
("CCTV Financial Review" Commentator)
Beginning to do, you are creating an environment suitable for the new start-ups or small and micro enterprise development, so some need for government to provide services, some of which are in need of social services.
Actually a small micro-enterprise, for example, including some scientists do science and technology companies, you might start one or two people, the main product is to do, to do research and development. In this case, take a complete corporate structure is unrealistic. For example, if I want an office secretary, also an accountant, cashier, and that these people need to pay, but also need office space, and that the cost is very difficult in the early entrepreneurship burden, but this is a business essential. In this case, so some social service by providing a number of specialized companies. That these entrepreneurs can focus on the things he needs to do, and not do these trivial, no big relationship thing.
Lin Yun: Screening of government-led and market to a good combination
("CCTV Financial Review" Commentator)
It is the equivalent of an all-powerful role of business manifold, so that the business itself is small enough to achieve sufficient scale and temper your core competitiveness. The so-called logistical support, there are people who do, do so will cost a minimum, the minimum threshold, especially for this type of start-up businesses, it may be one or two people, two or three people in the state, which grow slowly after, there may be change, you need a larger place, more personnel, etc. of these is a type.
Another type of large-scale a little longer than this, the development of the park where some facilities, government also can do a lot of work, including some preferential measures, such as reducing the cost of some venues, some tax support. Also if there is technology project, you can also give some reward and so on. I think that in this round of entrepreneurship among the leading government market and screening, these two mechanisms to be a good combination.
Ma: the ability to solve the government after the regulatory pre-approval are not located in the front
("CCTV Financial Review" Commentator)
Able to market solutions, it is possible to solve the enterprise, regulation can be resolved after the government, do not set pre-approval in the front, this is also the next step needs to be addressed further. This is after the commercial registration system reform, and may be more concerned about is this, because this is now involved in a considerable number of government departments, because this time we are mainly involved to the business, and that the next step may involve a variety of government the industry department. There are a lot of things because there are all pre-approval, if you can not get credentials file, you still can not do this business.
In fact, if there is an elimination mechanism that the market, consumers have a restraint mechanism of this business, and that the government side here you can try to open this market access. Of course there is one, we say things afterwards strengthen the supervision and services, this government is to do. Here are some things to say on the side of market access is liberalized, access and release, or give you lower the threshold, but I regulation of business is to keep up the service to keep up.