TBT-induced loss of approximately $ 66.2 billion of exports
Time:2014-07-29 21-24-50
Xinhua Beijing July 29 (Reporter Xu Bo) AQSIQ Deputy Director General 陆春明 on the 29th held a press conference that in 2013, about 38.0 percent of export enterprises by foreign technical trade measures varying degrees of impact, the annual export direct losses of about $ 66.2 billion, $ 2.3 billion lower than in 2012.
     陆春明 said AQSIQ in 2013 nationwide survey conducted annual foreign technical trade measures against Chinese export enterprises affected. As can be seen from the survey data, the total direct losses of export enterprises affected by foreign technical trade measures still topped more than $ 60 billion, the impact of foreign technical trade measures against China's foreign trade is still large.
     Survey shows a greater impact on China's export countries and regions in the top five are the United States, European Union, Japan, Canada and Latin America, accounting for 31.9% of total direct losses respectively, 29.2%, 9.3 %, 3.7% and 2.7%. By foreign technical trade measures affecting the top five industries with higher mechanical and electrical equipment, textiles and footwear, mining of metals, agricultural products and foodstuffs, toys, furniture, accounting for 41.7% of total direct losses, respectively, 23.9% , 18.1%, 6.6%, 4.6%.
     Sampling showed that the impact of China's major trading partners, exports of industrial technical trade measures focused on the type of certification requirements, technical standards, labeling and marking requirements, industrial products, toxic and hazardous substances limited requirements, packaging and material requirements in five areas; influence TBT types of agricultural and food exports are concentrated in the middle peasants veterinary drug residues in food limited requirements, requirements for heavy metals and other harmful substances, microbiological requirements, food labeling requirements as well as processing plants, warehouses registration requirements in five areas.