Li Keqiang discussion newly registered enterprises: the need for the government to solve the problem?
Time:2014-07-29 21-30-03
July 25 morning, Wang Wei Wei sitting in a conference room of the Bureau of Jinan City, Jinan Huaxing her as Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. legal representative did not know, a few hours after she Premier Li Keqiang will now face to face communication, but she thought he was just being a normal relevant leaders called a news conference to attend.
Maybe she did not know, on July 24th, 25th, Premier Li Keqiang visits in Jinan, Shandong Province, two in Texas. And Wang Wei Wei attend that field "conference", it is the time to go to Shandong Premier Li Keqiang visits, specially convened 10 newly registered after the reform of small and micro business owners thematic discussion.
The Registration and comprehensively promote the reform of the registration system of nearly five months, how to reform the effectiveness of how the follow-up work to do, this is the prime issue to be considered. The forum, the Prime Minister straight bursts of three questions: What is the driving force everyone to do business? What products or services provided? Need the government to solve the problem?
10 small and micro enterprises to participate in the forum
The Prime Minister recalled the forum, Wang Wei Wei today is still a little excited, she did not think that he can communicate face to face with the Prime Minister.
"That was the day before the afternoon off work, received a phone call the next day I took a pen and book, go and Industry Bureau to attend a news conference." Wang Wei Wei felt that press conference this occasion also seen on television, as a small business owner myself, will not have much effect, so she feels very relaxed, did not prepare anything special.
The next day, even sitting in the conference room, she still does not nervous, because until 10 pm, the staff was honest with participants, the Prime Minister is going to participate in the forum.
"Daily Economic News" reporter learned that the participants of the 10 companies are small and micro enterprises, and is newly registered after March 1, Shandong Province, "Business 21" implement or change business capital.
"It was on behalf of our small company of 10 premier forum heard is particularly exciting." Wang Wei Wei told the "Daily Economic News" reporter stressed that the Prime Minister before the door, there is a staff member to come tell you is that, similar to "thank the party thanks to the government, "the kind of courtesy not to say, we should want the government to help the problems raised.
Reporters learned that, two years ago, had a work experience Wang Wei Wei resigned their original work, the founder of this enterprise management consulting firm specializing in business for a number of SMEs similar registration and other services.
"I studied business administration at the University of professional, on the establishment of a firm that helps companies charge d'affaires business registration, tax agents of the company." Wang Wei Wei said.
Since this year, the full implementation of business registration reform, that is, as the industry practitioners, in itself and as a representative of small and micro enterprises, Wang Wei Wei to have a say in this reform.
"We are also here Jinan from March 1 started from March to now nearly five months, the performance of our company's performance can almost catch the last year." Wang Wei Wei told reporters.
Policy "last mile" is crucial
Around at 10:00 on the 25th, Li Keqiang and his entourage arrived in Jinan City of Industry, in the third floor of the business lobby, he almost came to transact business with each man shook hands.
Before the forum began, due to limited time, everyone was asked to speak controlled within three minutes, according to the order of the list of meeting, Wang Wei Wei should be the last speech, probably because of her age is relatively small.
But at the conference, Li Keqiang to finish these three simple questions after that Ms. priority, so Wang Wei Wei is the first to speak, they did not follow the order of the list of pre-arranged meeting to speak.
"From the beginning of March, the registration began implementing the reform, which has two important reforms, one is registered by the system to a paid-subscription system to encourage people to start, and then a number of pre-approval is canceled, changed after home, I can not recommend these reform measures to accelerate the implementation. "said Wang Wei wei introduced.
In response to this proposal, Premier Li Keqiang responded like these cumbersome procedures, which removed it should be removed, so that enterprises can successfully and quickly run into them.
"I'm doing this is for the business services industry, this proposal is also good for my daily work, for me, back and forth to remove the cost for the customer, you can quickly run into the Customer reflected to my problem, I integrated click to convey to the Prime Minister. "Wang Wei wei told reporters.
For small and micro enterprises, business registration reform the convenience is obvious, is also a benefit for each business commendable. Poly Food Co., Ltd. Jinan excellent legal representative Guo Lei on this forum also talked about the proposals for business registration reform.
"I was doing food distribution this together, and I think this aspect of the approval process is too much trouble." Guo Lei told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, he suggested that food companies can simplify ODM approval. At the same time, he said, "Sometimes the central issued document is the same, but the intensity of each local execution may be different, not the same standards, suggested that the central clear criteria, perform the same everywhere."
For the case of the central policy implementation, Li Keqiang said that to continue decentralization, open carry it out, "the first mile" and "last mile" to eliminate "the obstruction" to avoid interception reform dividend, willing to let hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs people are more convenient to get the market "tickets." But also to improve the regulatory and create a fair environment for the market alive.
After reform and implement more attention
After the reforms, for small and micro enterprises, set up a company to enter the market, followed by how to do? This is also the problem of prime concern.
Guo Lei told reporters, "A lot of companies in this relaxed way admission, whether we can survive, is very worried about the Prime Minister. Prime Minister is to think through this investigation, look at the small and micro enterprises as well as what needs to support the prime minister hopes the small micro have come in, which is the normal death disappear through competition, which is a must. but surviving is much larger than death, or to come back on the bad business. "
Jinan City Secretary JIA Jie, said Li Keqiang particular concern is that after the industrial and commercial registration system reform, such as the registration of enterprises "blowout", these registered business situation has guiding significance for other companies, if these companies come doing well, will drive the subsequent business to achieve sustained, long-term development.
Reporters combed 10 business representatives speak found a number of representatives of which are mentioned in the relevant funds to support small and micro enterprises, loan financing difficulties and other problems.
Guo Lei business is founded on June 11, so there is no revenue this together, that is the case, make it difficult for him to get a loan. In the absence of revenue, the bank will ask, "no business loan you want to do?"
On this forum, Guo Lei suggested that Internet banking for small and micro enterprises to provide unsecured loans and other channels. Li responded that companies can do, the government should do a better job.
Guo Lei made the proposal, it contains information about the problem of high rates of SME loans, loans and other bad take. He suggested that the government is not able to implement the credit system, the establishment of normal market credit mechanism, through this way to help small businesses get loans.
Li responded that the current environment is to establish such a credit system in the July 23 State Council executive meeting, but also through the establishment of enterprise credit system regulations.
"In fact, I mentioned about the small and micro enterprise financing problem, in that are mentioned in the executive meeting, I recommend the implementation of these policies is to be faster." Guo Lei said. (Reporter original gold)