Sinopec Group to explore e-commerce and ruentex
Time:2014-07-29 21-31-32
Xinhua Beijing July 29 (Reporter Chen Wei Wei An Bei) China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation announced on the 29th, China Petrochemical Sales Co., Ltd. and Ruentex Group signed a business cooperation framework agreement. Under the agreement, the two sides will implement Sinopec Express convenience store merchandise joint procurement to reduce costs, selected as a pilot and co-operation to expand the scope of cooperation Shanghai Express convenience stores, e-commerce and explore O2O (online and offline interaction) business cooperation, etc. .
Sinopec Sales Company, the official said, the introduction of strategic partners, we may learn its philosophy, technical support and professional advantages, to jointly promote the rapid development and expansion of new business, opening up new profit growth point, and enhance the competitiveness of the company's sales and sustainable development capacity.
The cooperation with Sinopec Group ruentex been speculation that one of its initiatives to promote directional mixed ownership reform. June 30, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation announced that Sinopec Sales Company after the restructuring, the proposed introduction of social and private capital by way of capital increase. The purpose is through the introduction of external capital, improve market operation and management system, enhance innovation and vitality, improve competitiveness and sustainable development, promoting sales of the company's transformation from a supplier of oil to an integrated service provider.
It is understood that, as of the end of 2013, Sinopec has the right fuel (gas) station 30 338, "Express" brand convenience stores 23431, the rapid growth of non-oil business, including convenience stores, electricity suppliers, car services, advertising and so on. Ruentex Group currently operates investment RT, hi groceries and Flying Cow net retail chains.