Sun Lijian: China’s economy four "new brand"
Time:2014-07-29 21-32-51
Core Tip: Do not put the innovation-driven understanding of science and technology innovations that should govern the modernization of the country, is expected to manage.
China's economy is in the throes of restructuring, the growth rate of the shift period. In climbing over the ridge of the mark, we want to see China's economy four "new brand."
The first is a system of bonus. If a company is still waiting for the government's industrial guidance, then this means that it has lost the best time to develop. Ma's success is that he led the development direction of the industry, from this trend is concerned, maybe change China's future status is by several outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs to develop standards precedent established on the world stage. So, on this card bonus system, the government only needs to solve the institutional construction of fair competition, companies will be able to rely on their own innovations, desperate to find a place in the spring.
The second big bonus is the demographic dividend. Although China has become returnees "sea to be" and Shortage coexistence, but I just think that China's demographic dividend exists in these people. Students of human resources is the United States to suppress China's most competitive advantage, returnees become a "sea to be" because they do not do migrant workers. If Ma, Ma these outstanding entrepreneurs to support these people, the future development of China will have great prospects, but these bonuses have not spend time being. National priority should be to consider how to make young people live to dry up first, let them start.
Resources dividend is a third card. Although no matter what resources are scarce China, but one thing is clear: fair competition, survival of the fittest, so that businesses can not afford to withdraw to the possession of resources, resource bonus came out, that's what I understand, "the reform should dividend" because the market allocation of resources should always be decisive.
Although globalization dividend speak for many years, but for China, this is a new card, since enterprises "going out" basic dividend has not won previously done only consumes resources to engage in exports. Shanghai now trade in services globalization dividend FTA build, is the real value of the intangible intellectual property rights, China's exports in the future should be the brand, is the world's standards, Chinese patent.
Wenzhongqiujin, if we do not calm today, one can see CPI, PPI data is bad, one can see a lot of local employment problems, to take immediate easing monetary policy, industrial policy to guide immediately through investment, that is walking past old.
2014 The biggest thing is to look at the relationship between government and the market is to see how the government will protect the vested interests to the extent of repression, SOE reform can be developed to what stage. On this basis, we derive a few key words: innovation-driven, improving people's livelihood.
Do not understand the innovation-driven scientific and technological innovation, this innovation should be modernized country governance, is expected to manage. Such as the US government macroeconomic monetary policy only played this card, the government just need to want to do it, is trying to do all the transparency will be very easy, the core management is expected to adjust the country's social expectations to the same target. Conversely, if the local government an idea, an idea central government, entrepreneurs an idea, an idea of the people, it would be a full-lose situation.
On improving people's livelihood. People through the "two sessions" on behalf of members submitted a proposal to the central government's motion, the top three were stable prices, social security and health care reform. In such a case, if you do not begin to improve the livelihood of the force, while blindly restructuring, so that people continue to worry about their own lives and wealth, then, even if the implementation of economic policies, no matter how entrepreneurs do then outstanding, productivity effects or can not be released, the cost of China's economy will increasingly move forward.